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Who We Are

BESTIT Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd operates on this Website on behalf of to provide the users of the Website to get access to coupons and discounts for products sold elsewhere online. owns this coupon section.

The Information We Collect: 

We receive both kinds of Information, one which is directly provided to us by the users, such as the personal information they submit when they visit our Website, and the information which is automatically collected by them in the form of anonymous information collected from their browsers or devices. 

The Information You Provide to Us:

We only collect the information that the users provide us. For example, the user may choose to provide his/her name, email address, or other information when they come in our contact through the Website.

Information Provided To Our Vendors:

Our vendors help us improve the customer's experience on the Website by providing services described in this Policy. As explained, they collect data via performing their services for us that they might share with us then.

How We Use and Share the Information: 

We may use the collected information and share that information with our third-party partners and our customers, to operate this Website and run our business as mentioned below: We use the information collected to manage, give and improve the technical and functional aspects of our Website, to redesign our Website to be more user-friendly, and to enhance the selection of contents on the website and its functionalities. We also use the collected information for data analysis, testing, research etc. and for other internal business purposes.

We do not combine the above-mentioned kinds of Collected Data with other data sources. The temporary storage of the IP address of our users is necessary for technical reasons and to ensure the security of our system, particularly relating to the recognition of the place of misuse. We only keep such data for as long as it is necessary for the above-mentioned purpose. The IP addresses are deleted after a period of time.

This Website is provided to the users free of cost. We pay for this Website through the commissions received based on the user's interaction with promotional offers. We use information about customer's visits on the Website, i.e. their decision to accept our promotional offers, for reporting purposes in order to bill and collect our commission from business partners.